MFRP event photo 1

At the center of the Multi-Faith Prayer Room project is a database made up of pre-recorded statements by people from all cultural contexts – encompassing all nationalities, genders, and ages. The artists asked the public the following questions, and through a careful orchestration of sound, light, and darkness, revealed their anonymous thoughts to the audience. The interplay between disembodied, anonymous voices and innermost, private thoughts delivers a powerful message of humanity and connection.

How do you foresee the future? Do you have rituals in your life? Do we lack faith for the future?

These pre-recorded statements are projected into the room using spatial audio thus creating a space that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the polyphony of voices. By walking through the installation visitors can single out certain voices depending on how they move around in the space. Each voice is connected to a light source, representing them as beams of light in the room.